Living Up the Outdoorsy Life Nordic Style

The Scandinavians know how to make the design look good. This includes even the military backpacks that they design. The plan serves as an inspiration to create fantastic travel packs for people who like the outdoor lifestyle. The design is not just excellent when it comes to aesthetics but also in functionality. The rugged landscapes of the Nordic life have much to contribute to the plan of amazing travel-related equipment and accessories. People who are passionate about the outdoorsy life find that when they pick up gear that has been designed in the Nordic regions, they have much to provide in terms of value-for-money. Travelers and backpackers can truly enjoy the outdoors without having to concentrate on the luggage and the tools that they need to lug around. They have the freedom to think about their exercise and genuinely enjoy the views.

Nordic people are known to be nature lovers. This love for nature translates into the designs they contribute to things that aid the outdoor lifestyle. Even the government of the countries are known to provide people with unrestricted access to land and the natural reserves that the states have, and this also includes private properties. The entire landscape has contributed to the culture of the regions, and they understand the utilization of space to the ‘T.’ All respect the balance of life. Even employers and organizations encourage their people to contribute to the stability in lifestyle and respect nature.

With 25 vacation days, the Nordic folks have the best lifestyle to balance both their love for nature and earn a living. The materials that are available at hand is limited when you live outdoors. This lack of materials has forced the people to come up with innovation to support their lifestyle and contribute to the cultural concept.

  • The first bow-shaped skis that Norway designed aid maneuvering. These skis were the key to bringing skiing to the modern era.
  • Ski jumping was also made famous in Norway for the first time.
  • The world’s first ever soot-free stove that is powered by kerosene was invented in 1908 by Bergans from Norway.
  • Bergans used the popularity of the soot-free stove to further their innovations and designed several other types of equipment for outdoors like backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, and canoes.
  • The mount Everest ascent by Sir Edmund Hillary was supported and outfitted by Bergans.
  • Framed backpacks became a thing in the year 1950 and were designed by a Nordic company in the U.S.
  • KHUL first initiated the use of cotton canvas to make water-resistant barriers; a Nordic company in the US.
  • The Nordic people use their creations as a token of respect to their forefathers and to respect their culture. To the rest of the world, these innovations have laid the base for everything created later.
  • Over time, companies from the Nordic region who specialize in outdoor lifestyle products have only grown and enhanced their products to suit the modern era; contributing further to the world of outdoor living.