Edible Flowers From The Nordic Regions

There is a fresh trend that has appeared in recent years where people put flowers into their food. A few examples of that is putting dandelions in the salads they make, petals of roses on desserts, and syrup made from lavender in their cocktails. The idea of eating flowers or that flowers were something anyone can eat is a recent trend that has been rising in popularity over the last few years. They have been included in cuisines of the gourmet standards, and the chefs from Nordic countries are up in arms in leading the trend.

Eating flowers
Edible Flowers

How Did Civilizations From Ancient Times Eat Flowers?

Putting flowers into your food is something that has been around for many centuries. It is a fact that there are a few particular kinds of flowers that were put into recipes back in the times of the Romans, the medieval times, and the Victorian times. During ancient periods, the Chinese, the Greeks, the Indians, and the Middle Eastern people have used flowers as a medical component or as a way to satisfy hunger. Nowadays, the societies of modern times wouldn’t usually think about flowers as being something they can eat. However, recently, the habit of using it in food has been brought up to the spotlight. The trend of eating flowers is becoming popular, and that means that people will be putting fresh flowers into their food now instead of just extracts. 

Are There Health Benefits To Eating Flowers?

People usually wonder if putting flowers into a meal adds something beneficial other than a gourmet appearance. While it is true that Michelin star restaurants use flowers to make their food appear appetizing, people sure love it. Guests who have dined at these restaurants also love bragging about the dandelions in their meal, giving edible flowers a simple garnish reputation. However, there is much more to edible flowers than meets the eye.

Health Benefits To Eating Flowers
Health Benefits To Eating Flowers

Experts in the science of gastronomy have said that flowers can provide food enhancements. Different types of flowers you add will give off a different kind of taste. There is a flower that will give you a feeling that is reminiscent of pepper, a flower that will add a touch of citrus to the food, and a flower that tastes strangely like a popsicle. Before you go to your garden and pick your flowers to test if they taste unique, you should try and see if they are safe for eating in the first place. Don’t go and eat up the flowers without researching about if it is safe for you to consume.

How Are The People In Nordic Countries Eating Flowers?

René Redzepi is a chef from Noma, which is a two-Michelin-star restaurant in Denmark, that is praised all over the world. They are a huge advocate of putting edible flowers into food as he uses flowers as an active ingredient in the food he makes. He doesn’t use them solely for garnish. For the desserts that he makes, the flowers are a crucial part of the dessert. The chef is also known for helping Nordic cuisine, which is very nature involved, come back to life. He believes that using nature’s raw resources is essential when thinking about what to put in food.