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The Best Nordic Folk Music – Part 1

Nordic films and culture have always had a minimalist aspect to it, and the architecture shows clean lines which reflects upon the music that the associated countries produce. When we talk about Nordic culture we tend to talk about Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Norway, and the common threads these countries have on influence Nordic music […]

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The Principles of Nordic Architecture

Nordic design and architecture are famed for its clean and simple lines that form a very graphic and sometimes austere aesthetic. What is true about Nordic architecture is that the simplicity is the beauty of it all, it is also highly functional which utilizes modern techniques that create different spaces that originally are not obvious […]

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The Nord Scholars – Part 1

Numerous people from the Nordic region have distinguished themselves in the field of science and in this blog, we will celebrate their work. Many of the fundamental laws of science have changed little since they were first written and many of the great philosophers of the Middle Ages.  The beginning of the 20th Century was […]

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