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Famous Nordic People – Part 2

The second part of the blog looking at famous Nordic people continues with people from the past history of this rich area. The Nordic region is famous for producing great scientists; and considering the population of the Nordic region, they punch well above their weight in this division. Scientists such as Alfred Nobel, Anders Celcius, […]

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Famous Nordic People – Part 1

Scandinavia and the Nordic countries are basically the same region. It is made up of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland together with the Faroe Islands, Aland and Greenland. The Nordic territories have been responsible for many great people in history and in this blog post we look at some of them. Alfred Nobel Probably […]

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Nordic Culture – Part 2

A recent survey in 2015 on world happiness voted Switzerland as number one, this was quite a surprise as a Nordic country prior to this for many years was always holding top position. But in 2016 the Danes regained their crown and once again a Nordic country was top of the pile. In fact, the […]

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